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The Burrell Wrist-Action® Laboratory Shaker

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Since 1940 the Burrell Wrist-Action® Shaker has stood for reliable performance... versatility... and efficiency of design. Today, our Shakers are found in laboratories of virtually every industry, from metallurgy, textiles, cosmetics, government and education, to food and beverage, chemical, medical, clinical, biotech and pharmaceutical . They are utilized in Pulp viscosity analysis, Peptide synthesis, Pesticide analysis, Pancreatic Isolet Isolation, Red blood cell freezing, Enzyme assays, Platelets analysis,
Oil analysis, Algae culturing, Anti-Foaming tests, De-Foaming tests, Bacterial cultures, Soil extractions, Coating formulations, Beer analysis, Cryptosporidium, Wine de-gassing, Dissolving polymers, Extractions and etc. etc. etc.


Superior Mixing

Still the only true wrist-action shaker on the market, the Burrell unit duplicates the swirling action of hand mixing. But with even motions, at all speeds, for as long as necessary—up to 60 minutes, or continuous. Whether you're processing full or partial, equalized or unbalanced loads, the result is a reproducible procedure.


The Burrell Wrist-Action® Shaker is built with the most grueling requirements in mind. In this manner, it  is overbuilt for all the lesser challenges... and you're assured of its services for many, many years. Also, the equipment employs relatively simple mechanics. So there are fewer parts to cause trouble... and easier-to-replace parts, if something should go wrong.

A steel baseplate—just one example of the Burrell Shaker's ruggedness—instills the unit with optimal stability, allowing you to use the highest speeds in continuous operation with minimum movement and maximum Shaker effectiveness.

Never Obsolete

Through the years the Burrell Wrist-Action® Shaker has been steadily improved to meet evolving laboratory needs. In many cases, the new features, improvements and modifications were made in response to specific customer needs.

Contributing to the Shaker's longevity is its ability to accept low-cost modification with new accessories as they come along. Most parts are interchangeable on older Burrell Shakers.


The only regular maintenance is periodic, in-lab lubrication that you can quickly and easily perform yourself!

The Features You Need

Among the features that underscore the Burrell Shaker's user-friendly nature... The exclusive Burrell Build-Up Systems allows every Shaker to adapt to your lab's requirements—present and future. With the addition of top platforms, longer or shorter side arms, and a variety of clamps and supports, you can easily build your Shaker from the basic four-Erlenmeyer-flask unit to a capacity that includes up to 24 flasks... and separatory funnels from 250 to 2000 ml.

An Overload Protection System disengages and shuts off the Shaker if it overheats or otherwise malfunctions. If no repair is required, you simply press a reset button and continue operations. For busy labs with many unattended projects, this feature provides piece of mind.


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