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Burrell Scientific 8 oz. Lusorbent 039-715-00-08

Lusorbent, 8 oz., For the Determination of Illuminants in Gas Analysis

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Quantity      :      8 oz.
For Use With      :      Determination of illuminants in gas analysis
Weight      :      2 lb.

A better reagent for the determination of illuminants in gas analysis. It absorbs all gases in the illuminants group (ex: ethylene, propylene, butylene, etc.). Lusorbent has no vapor pressure and has no corrosive action on rubber tubing connections. It does not absorb saturated hydrocarbons in significant amounts. Lusorbent is not recommended for use when the concentration of carbon monoxide is above 6% by volume. For highest efficiency, use in an Auto-Bubbler Pipette.

  • Designed for the determination of illuminants in gas analysis.
  • Absorbs all gases in the illuminant group.
  • For highest efficiency use in Auto-Bubbler Pipette.

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