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Standing the Test of Time

At Burrell Scientific, we pride ourselves on being reliable industry leaders and providing personalized customer service since 1917. In the early 1940's, we introduced the first and only true Wrist Action® Shaker. Since then, it has defined reliability, versatility, and efficiency of design. Today, Burrell shakers and other distributed products are used in laboratories around the globe and support nearly every industry.

Reliable Lab Equipment

For over 50 years, Burrell Scientific has been known for the ground-breaking Wrist Action® Shaker. The first piece of equipment to replicate the motion of shaking a vessel by hand. As your labs evolve and continue to expand, our shaker will grow with you.

      • Single and variable speed shaker models
      • 115V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz models
      • Expandable capacity able to shake up to 24 vessels
      • Multiple pre-made clamp styles and custom clamp capabilities
      • Specialized Simethicone and Glycerolizing shakers for industry specific needs

Innovative Lab Equipment

Burrell Scientific didn't stop innovating with our shakers. We now offer even more Burrell manufactured equipment that save your lab time and money.