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Burrell Scientific's Beverage Clamps

Burrell Scientific's line of beverage clamps are the perfect tool for testing 12-22 once bottles as well as 12-16 ounce cans. The design allows for quick vessel changes and is easily adapted to change from bottles to cans. Our beverage clamps can be utilized to assist with equilibrium testing during the bottling process, help to determine the shelf stability of the product. Clamps available to accommodate 1, 2, or 4 Vessels.

On Sale Now:

Bottle Clamps

  • Unit Price

  • $149.00
  • $225.00
  • $439.00

Can Clamps

  • Unit Price

  • $159.00
  • $235.00
  • $449.00

Beverage Clamp Adaptors

Bottle Adaptor ( 075-770-00-00 ) - $49.00

Can Adaptor ( 075-770-50-00 ) - $59.00

Mini Vortex Mixer

The Burrell Scientific Mini Vortex Mixture is a fixed speed unit that offers a small footprint for easy transport and storage. Can operate from 100-240V, 50-60Hz. Full 50mL containers can be activated in under 5 seconds. The touch function of the unit allows for easy use, simple plug the unit and touch the desired unit to the top rubber pad. Supplied with Red, Green, and Blue tops allowing for personal customization of the unit.

On Sale Now: $198.00

Mini Micro Centrifuge

The Burrell Scientific Mini Micro Centrifuge operates at 6000 rpm. The unit has a continuous run time operation that is activated by simple closing the lid. Quickly stops by pressing the black botton on the front of the unit. This mini centrifuge is perfect for low speed applications, e.g. micro-filtration and cell separations. Transparent cover allows for unremitting observation. 100-240V, 50/60Hz.

On Sale Now: $229.00

3 Dimensional Shaker

ON SALE NOW: $2395.00

The 3-Dimensional Wave Action Shaker provides an optimal shaking experience. The unit’s range of gentle or vigorous agitation makes this shaker suitable for a wide range of applications. The top tray’s angle can be easily adjusted from 0-12 degrees with a single set screw. The shaker is supplied with a non-skid rubber mat to ensure that your vessels are secure. This heavy duty rotator can hold up to 17 pounds. The 3-Dimensional Shaker provides flexibility and versatility for the end user by utilizing a variable speed motor, which operates from 5-125 RPM, as well as a built in timer that can operate from 1-60 minutes or can be set for continuous use. Operates from 100-240V, 50/60Hz.


ON SALE NOW: $195.00

Burrell Scientific's Ultra-Thin Magnetic Stirrer. This Stirrer has a sleek and compact design. Maintenance free product with no moving parts. Flat slip-proof surface. Modern Magnetic Coil Technology. Reverse stirring directions to ensure better mixing. Speed range 15 to 1500 rpm. 100-240V, 50/60 Hz. Comes with 25mm stirring bar.



The Mighty Magnum™ is an Industrial Bench Top Shaker that is capable of handling heavier loads, up to 30 lbs. This unit was designed utilizing all the great features of the Wrist Action® Shaker plus a heavy duty frame construction. This unit comes with a variable speed digital control capable of operating at over 600 oscillations per minute. The Burrell Mighty Magnum™ is the only true industrial Wrist Action® Shaker that duplicates the swirling action of hand mixing. The Wrist Action® Shaker is designed to maintain a constant swirling action as long as required for almost any laboratory application. Flexibility and versatility is what makes Burrell Scientific Shakers so popular. Beginning with the basic Mighty Magnum™ Shaker you can simply add or modify to increase capacity as needed. Side–arms will increase shaking capacity quickly and easily. The Burrell Shaker can accommodate from 4 up to 24 vessels at a time. In addition, the Mighty Magnum™ is best used with specialty shafts and custom Snap and Lock Clamps. Burrell Scientific will manufacture a custom Snap and Lock Clamp for your specific application and can develop Snap and Lock Clamps for almost all shapes and sizes of vessels. The Finger SUREGRIP™ Clamp, is also available to handle a variety of vessels.